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BIO: Amy Christine Spingola (b. 1988) is an abstract expressionist painter living and working in metro Atlanta. As an abstract expressionist, she paints what she feels rather than what she sees. Taking cues from the greats such as Basquiat + Frankenthaler, Amy works mostly in oil paint + mixed media. Growing up, Amy always had an affinity for creating and being creative in everyday life. Her interest in the arts reached far past the classroom, so she felt compelled to continue her artistic journey in college.

ARTIST STATEMENT: In the wake of the 2011 Tuscaloosa–Birmingham tornado, Amy earned her BFA from The University of Alabama and faced 'Death' for the first time. Comprehending the fragility of life is a different journey for everyone. Amy chose to cope and ponder unanswered questions through the process of creating. Amy loves to play with the push and pull of the relationship between the natural world + technology, which is where the antique clock pieces come into play as texture. Amy also likes to use fragments of the natural world, such as dried flower petals and leaves as texture in her paintings.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Amy's current body of work explores the time : space relationship. The pandemic was a time where she took to researching portals, time travel, and the existence of multiple dimensions beyond our visible reality. Music and film have always been a string of influence in Amy’s art. She prefers to paint while listening to music, from Broadway to the Grateful Dead. But her studio is not complete without an old film playing in the background. Amy loves old movies, and a lot of her paintings include line work and gestures indicating films being played backwards, representing Amy's obsession with rewinding & re-watching film (and re-listening to music) as her own way to time travel, embedding this feeling into the layers of her paintings.